02 July 2011

Wild in the Country

The wildlife around Brooke Hall is often of the subdued, useful type, eg sheep. Occasionally a kingfisher flies by just as you blink, in the Wild Garden. On the way home from work the other afternoon I saw a fox running across the lane. It was the first real country fox I've ever seen, even though I've lived in this hunting-mad place for seven years. There was one lurking behind the sheds at Market Harborough station but that doesn't count.

Next morning, fifty yards further down there was more wildlife, filling the road, spilling over, and running straight towards the car. A pack o' hounds, with the new Huntsman and Whipper-in of the Pytchley Hunt (so I am told) and a kid on a mountain bike. But never mind the panting and occasionally lethal mob, what about these gents on push-bikes, perfectly uniformed in checked shirt, tie and antiquated brown coat. Accessorised with a whip and a smile.

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