01 July 2011

Curtains to go with the Flowers...

Took a break yesterday from Brooke Hall and the deadheading of Penelope roses and caught the 16.12 to London. I wanted to see what Arne Maynard had to say and he was giving a talk at the Garden Museum in Lambeth. He spoke at length about his favourite garden, Rousham, where he sometimes takes clients to gage their reaction. When working on a plot which is attached to a brand new house, showing them around a firmly established garden can be helpful in the getting-to-know you process. If the clients are very visual and allow the designer off his lead the effect can become more riotous: the signature topiary seems more jaunty and the pleached limes look somehow less... pleached.

Can a client have too much fun? He mentioned some people in the Cotswolds who are involved with a decoration and fabrics firm, known for its flamboyant use of colour. 'They change their curtains in summer and winter,' Arne said. 'Sometimes they change the colour of the curtains to match the borders.' He should be grateful that it's not the other way around.

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