08 July 2011

Easy Science with Peter

'Sawfly hates the smell of black currants,' says Peter. I was wondering why my gooseberries have survived this year, after moving them over towards the black currants, just because there was a bit of space near them. In the absence of the gooseberries, their old neighbours the red currants have been demolished.

We are sitting in the tack room at Marsh Hall under the saddle and bridle hooks, having coffee and cake for lunch. Peter warms to his theme, from the only armchair. 'In winter the grubs live about a foot underground,' he continues. 'When you put down manure you need to really smother the ground below the bush and above the grubs so that they suffocate.' A very thick layer of muck, with lots of sawdust, is ideal.
Not terribly scientific at all but it's worth a try.

Difficult Science with Peter will follow shortly.

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