29 July 2011

Market News

The Friday Market at Uppingham is old-fashioned though not quaint. It is in Rutland so it's free of tourists and despite all the extravagantly pretty stone buildings, it is not self-conscious about its attractiveness in the way that the Cotswolds can be.

Uppingham matrons go marketing with a large basket on the arm, and so do the men. The uniform of the Uppingham male is the same throughout the county: corduroy trousers, v-neck jumper, country colours. Nothing showy. People wear old check suits when walking the dog on Sunday.

My stall is across from the Post Office, next to the Nut Man. Today the town clerk gives us our invoices for next month. On the envelope the Nut Man's line of business is described as Health Food. Quite correct. My pitch is labeled Fancy Goods, which is pleasing.
'Because you're healthy,' the clerk explains, handing out the white envelopes. 'And you're fancy.'


  1. This is a lovely post, and made me chuckle at the end.

  2. Thank you, K and always at your service.