22 July 2011

Market News

Some popular knitted wares, from the Ancient Industries pitch.

Being occupied for three hours inside a laurel bush (trimming it from inside out) is all part of a day's work at Brooke Hall. Sometimes, though, it's much more fun to spend a day leaning against the Post Office wall in Uppingham, as the Friday Market takes place. The Post Office is opposite my stall and it's the sunny side of the market.
I am next to Ashley, purveyor of nuts and other nutritious dry sundries. There is an empty space because Dave the plant man is not here this week and I'm tempted to take his place to avoid the windy corner I am sometimes dealt if I arrive after 6.30am. When I move the awning over I notice that the stall next to me sells plastic toilet brush sets for £1.75. They might show my £14 wood and bristle bannister brushes to ill advantage, so I move back. I can hear Ash complaining loudly to a vicar that I'd moved over and when he sees me he complains loudly that I'm coming back. The white-haired vicar says something kind and I say 'Thank you for defending me, Reverend.'
'We were talking about tarts and vicars just this morning' he responds cheerfully. With a deft side-step he continues, 'It's the Feast of Mary Magdalene today. She was a tart wasn't she?'
I ask if they do anything special in Church to mark this occasion and he said no, they don't have a party as such.
'So you're celebrating now, with nuts and raisins?'
'No,' he says wistfully. 'Just prunes.'


  1. How is it you managed to cover quite a lot of the human condition in so few sentences? Lovely post, thank you :)

  2. And I thank you, Jones.
    The Friday Market is a good place for the h.c.