22 March 2012

Hovel Update

Due to pressure from the council the Blanche Dubois-style shed featured on March 10 this year has been pulled up off the ground and set a-right. It is nailed shut but looks blameless enough and there is talk of African marigolds for the planter. Its handsome bone structure has been restored with a bit of creosote and engine oil and it is hoped that it will leave the next council inspector in raptures. But in our muckraking capacity here at News from Nowhere we predict that the finicky finial has made it so banal that it will never be looked at again.


  1. Nice?
    Is that the best I could do? Huh.

    Yes, I think I prefer Winsome.
    It also seems more appropriate.

    1. You're right you know, this thing has got legs.