12 March 2012

Dream Hovels, Part 2

Conversions (i)
They have been adjusted over the years without being given the full 'remodel'. A window where a door used to be, an arch closed up to make a smaller door. Often, a stone building has been turned into a taller building of brick as well as stone. Practical considerations, (and no upvc in sight) but still this altering has not been enough to keep the roof on.
The above building was used for gardeners' kit in recent memory and in days of yore there had been a cosy fire. A shelter or retreat in the kitchen garden before the gardeners were moved to the boiler room for their breaks.

Conversions (ii)
This brick building looks as though it was originally intended for animals, then converted for a person - with glass windows added - before being taken over by animals again.
With its flat earth floors and brick feeding troughs it is perfectly comfortable and gust-proof. Ready to move in, if you don't mind sharing with sheep.