23 March 2012

Brand Recognition at Uppingham Market

'We've been wondering, are you from Friends of the Earth?'

The main reason I stake my pitch at Uppingham Market every Friday is that it's always fun, even in winter. I also feel that it's a wholesome, non-electronic way to do some marketing, in its truest sense.
So it's interesting to discover how far the good word has spread, and whether there is any point in being there at all (besides selling the odd high-quality item).

More intrigued passersby:
'I've never seen you before, are you new? (no).
'Your stall is kind of new-modern-old, that's how I'd describe it.'
'You and your ancient history stall,' (getting warmer).
 My favourite quote was today, just before the perplexed Friends of the Earth people.
'Are you a charity?'

One Friday an older lady from the knitting community reported with some glee: 'They're all talking about how expensive your tea cosies are!'
'Well it's very nice to be the talk of the town,' I said, feeling a bit like Oscar Wilde.