08 June 2011

No Sob Stories Please

A sad ending should not be left hanging about and we're pleased to note that the news from Norfolk is far from sad. The vineries at Holkham Hall walled garden have been resurrected, with thanks to English Heritage, and the whole place is about a third of the way through a restoration project. It is unlikely to be 'restored to its former glory' as the saying goes, since it is not 1911 and the garden is not a museum. But there are plans for a different kind of glory and it may be relevant once more. Head gardener Tim Marshall wants to keep the tropical plants left behind by the nursery for instance, to create a new ornamental garden. 'They give such a good atmosphere,' he says. 'I want it to be a place to meander and kind of chill out.'
Bring on the bagpipes.

The new-look vinery and top, the fig house within.

The peach house.

The extraordinary wall.

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