12 April 2011

A perfect situation

Yesterday I walked into a perfect job. I'd read about this kind of job in a newspaper a long time ago but it remained an idea. Could such a job really exist? Okay, it pays about £70 a week, but when one is starting from nothing that's really quite good. I should be paying them!

A trainee gardener at a large country estate in the middle of Middle England. I'll refer to it as Brooke Hall. It's about flowers, double borders, box-less parterres and private enjoyment. The walled garden encloses a swimming pool and manorial pool house. The other kind of big garden, with visitors, Victorian glass houses, vegetables and flowers for cutting within its walls, that's 'Marsh Hall', where I go on Thursdays. Another perfect situation without really being one, as we Thursday people are volunteers.

The interview process at both places involves a phone call and a Can you start next week?

If I find a catch, I'll let you know.

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