29 April 2011

Gardening Clichés 1(b)

A golden hop, spreading happily over a walled corner at Brooke Hall, its acid green leaves not yet scorched by the sun, is already attempting to strangle a young magnolia and it has obliterated several shrubs at its feet. Funny that: I’m just removing a golden hop from my garden for the same reason. But on Monday I took a shooted root of it to a friend’s garden in London, to brighten up a dark corner. It will be in the company of over-run anchusa and dock and I feel confident that it will be perfect for that site, and will introduce some order, whereas at Brooke Hall it has the opposite effect. In London, under the shade of the hawthorn tree and against a city wall it will be the right plant for the right place. But in my own garden? well it really won’t do.

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