01 May 2012

Diluvian Diary

Tulipa 'Prinses Irene'
Flowers can look quite good in the rain. Obviously, they're even better just after but... anyway. Before the Deluge, we had plenty of sun but not many flowers, because it was only March. Back in those days I found myself hay making. Nick had cut down the long Karl Foerster grass around the Roman gods at Brooke Hall and people were getting a bit red in the face. It was not a great time to take pictures though, because it was all too glarey. Now, after the dismal, dull, dreary and depressing downpour it is easy to forget about Spring. The news is, it's still happening, and paid professionals go on working from eight till five making gardens look lovely, for someone to look at. It's an excellent time to visit gardens, (through the NGS or otherwise) because you might have the place to yourself and the really intensely hued flower petals are easier to photograph. Just trying to be positive.

Clematis Alpina 'Pamela Jackman'

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