24 February 2012

Snowdrops 'in the green'

Or, gardening clichés no. 4
Dividing snowdrops 'in the green'. It's possible that I am a grammar fanatic but why the permanent inverted commas? Anyway... an inspiring head gardener I know says that it is much better to divide snowdrops in June, when they are no longer 'in the green' but have truly had their day and are ready to settle down for a long summer's rest. Any earlier and they are still busy with the green part, which grows and grows after the flower has finished. You just need to catch them before the leaves shrivel up completely and (this is the deal breaker) remember to do it when snowdrops, and late winter, couldn't be further from your mind.

Photo: Painswick Rococo Garden, one of the best places in England to see millions of snowdrops.


  1. Now how interesting - I always like to move established clumps while they are in flower and speedily so they barely register the move ....

    1. Yes. We moved quite a few last week as they'd self-seeded over footpaths and it was a case of now or never. But ideally they'd be divided (as opposed to moved) later, no?

    2. Rather depends on what you are trying to achieve - the theory of a single bulb and then another and then another...is fine if you have patience,no birds in your garden and definately no cats ! I think small clumps are the way to go