26 October 2011

Hots in the Cots

It's hard to say whether the people of the Cotswolds will ever fall out of love with Elephant's Breath or any colour offered by Messrs Farrow & Ball. So it is always a disproportionately massive relief to find something striking a different note. Like this pot of chili peppers. For the sake of symmetry there is another one on the other side, containing a different variety in a slightly mismatched Spanish pot. If the chatelaine had consulted the manual of good taste she might have put out some politely eccentric topiary, or a couple of safe standard bays. But with chili, it's a discordant look which is all the better for being temporary, and the Cotswold stone with fabulous lamp looks even better for it.


  1. And the encaustic tiles used as pot feet are pretty tasty without being too obviously "tasteful". One itches to know who this free thinker is.

  2. Like the chili (and you?) she's from the New World.

  3. Not so much of a free thinker more of an artless gardener, as there is no longer enough sunlight in the back garden. Judging by their drooping leaves they could do with a burst of sun and warm air.