10 May 2011


Ragged Robin and friends.

On a visit to Highgrove last year it was impossible not to become aware of a mass of Creeping Buttercup, living purposefully and without shame under a tree. One felt that a point was being made. As with the Mutton Renaissance Campaign and any number of worthy causes, the buttercup clearly has been promoted by HRH, in his own garden, and we have been asked to take note. Wiggly Wigglers have a selection of wildflowers in their catalogue, and a single plant of Ragged Robin sells for £3.50. What then is a buttercup worth to most people? Absolutely nothing, in fact minus nothing. It needs our support in other places. I’m pleased to report then that in the Wild Garden at Brooke Hall pink robins and yellow buttercups rub shoulders happily, and they look just fine. NQOTD is no longer said by PLU when it comes to weedy wildflowers. If it ever was.

*a translation for 21st century people:

Not Quite Our Type, Darling

People Like Us.

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